Vahid Mousaian (Director )

was born in Khorramabad, Iran in 1969. He graduated from Azad University with a degree in theatre. He made a number of short films, winning several prizes at both national and international film festivals. Mr. Mousaian's debut feature Wishes of the Land was the recipient of the Special Jury Prize at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival (2002), as well as the 19th Love International Film Festival in Mons, Belgium. It was also given the best film award by the Kodak International Jury. His second feature film Silence of the Sea received the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the 52nd Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, the best music award at the 48th Asia Pacific Film Festival, and the best feature film and the best screenplay in the Dubrovnik Film Festival (Croatia), and competed in the 2004 Sundance International Film Festival. The Solitude of Wind and The Bright House are his third  and forth feature films. The Earring and The Lost Land are Mousaian's latest  films. He is also a member of the Academy of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Australia).

Short Films

1. Ruzi Keh An Mard Raft (The Day That Man Left)
Fiction, 8mm, 12 min., 1986
2. Rouzgare No (New Days)
Fiction, 8mm, 10 min., 1987
3. Ashki Bar Khak (Tears on Soil)
Documentary, 8mm, 12 min., 1988
4. Va An Dah Sal (And Those Ten Years)
Documentary, 8mm, 25 min., 1989
5. Payan-e Yek Rouz (The End of a Day)
Fiction, 16mm, 15 min., 1992
6. Yalhaye Ashofteh Dar Bad (Disturbed Manes in the Wind)
Fiction, 16mm, 12 min., 1993
Selected for Fribourg International Film Festival (Germany)
7. Sedaye Bad (The Sound of the Wind)
Fiction, 16mm, 20 min., 1997
8. Nasime Yek Shabe Sarde Zemestani (The Breeze of a Cold Winter Night)
Fiction, Video, 1997
9. Music for Film
11 parts documentary series, 1998
10. All Things About All Things
Documentary for TV, 1999
11. Ghooo, Ghooo …Barge Chenar (Ghooo, Ghooo, Sycamore Leaf)
Documentary, 15 min., 1999
Nominated for the best documentary film, the Third Iranian Film Feast
Selected for competition in Fike International Film Festival,Portugal, 2001
Selected for competition in 49th Sydney International Film Festival, Australia, 2002

12. Tanha Ba Zamin (Alone with the Land)
35mm, 17 min., 1999
- Diploma of Honor, Graz International Film Festival, Austria, 1999
- Selected for competition in Oslo International Film Festival, Norway, 1999
- Selected for competition in Aspen International Film Festival,USA, 2000
- Selected for competition in Trento International Film Festival,Italy, 2000
- Selected for competition in Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea, 2000
- Special Jury Prize, University of Einsburg Australia, 2000
- Special Jury Prize, Trento International Film Festival, Italy, 2000
- Diploma of Honor, 10th "Message to Man" International Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000
- Selected for the 31st Millennium International Film Festival of Fine Arts, Hungary, 2000
- Selected for Seattle International Film Festival, USA, 2000
- Selected for 17th Autrans International Film Festival, France, 2000
- Selected for 2nd American Short Shorts, in six cities in Japan, 2001
- Selected for the First American Short Shorts, Singapore, 2001
- Selected for the 29th Algarve International Film Festival, Portugal, 2001
- Selected for the 24th Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, 2001
- Selected for 6th Kerala International Film Festival, India, 2001
- Selected for 19th Fajr International Film Festival, Iran, 2001
- Selected for competition in Short Film Festival of Tehran, Iran, 2001
- Selected for San Diego International Film Festival, USA, 2001

Feature Films

1. Arezuhaye Zamin (Wishes of the Land), 2001
- Special Jury Prize, Moscow International Film Festival, Russia, 2002
- Kodak Jury Prize (Ten Thousand Meter Negative), Moscow International Film Festival, Russia, 2002
- Best Actor Prize, 20th Fajr International Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2002
- Selected for competition, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece, 2002
- Selected for the 26th Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, 2003
- Selected for the 19th Love International Film Festival, Belgium, 2003.
- Diploma of Honor, 32nd Roshd International Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2002

2. Khamoushiye Darya (Silence of the Sea), 2003
- 15th Annual Celebration of Iranian Cinema, UCLA Film Festival & TV, Los Angeles, USA, 2005
- 7th International Meeting of Cinema & History Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004
- 10th Med International  Film Festival, Italy, 2004
- 33rd Semana International de Cine Naval Cartagena, Spain, 2004
- 11th Independent International Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain, 2004
- 5th San Diego Asian Film Festival, USA, 2004
- Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Germany, 2004
- Salento International Film Festival, Italy, 2004
- The Flanders International Film Festival, Ghent, Belgium, 2004
- Winner of best film & best screenplay awards from Dubrovnik International Film    Festival, Croatia, 2004
- Official selection for Santa Barbara International Film Festival, 2004
- Sundance Film Festival, USA, 2004
Winner of Ecumenical Jury Award at 52nd Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, Germany, 2003
* Winner of best music award at Asia Pacific Film Festival, Iran, 2003
- 18th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, USA, 2003
- Denver International Film festival, USA, 2003
- Fajr International Film Festival, Iran, 2003

3. Tanha'i Bad (Solitude of the Wind), 2004
-Fajr International Film Festival, Iran, 2005
-FIPA International Film Festival, France, 2005

4. Khaneye Roshan (The Bright House),2006
- Fajr International Film Festival, Iran, 2006
- FIPA International Film Festival, France, 2006
- Asia Pacific Film Festival, Taiwan, 2006
- Bali International Film Festival, Indonesia, 2007
- Bursa InternationalFilm  Festival, Turkey, 2007
- Winner of Best People Choice Award at Bali International Film Festival

5. Gooshvareh (The Earring ), 2007
- Fajr International Film Festival, Iran, 2007
- International Festival of Films for the Children  and Young Adults, Iran, 2007
- Busan International Kids' Film Festival, South Korea, 2007

6. Sarzamine Gomshodeh (The  Lost Land), 2006
- The Crystal Simorgh for Best Documentary Feature Film in the 25th Fajr International Film Festival, Iran   2007
-  The best film prize in the 11th House of Cinema Ceremony, Iran, 2007
- Diploma of Honor for best documentary feature film in the First Iranian international Documentary Film Festival
- Nominated for the best documentary feature film in Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Australia, 2007
- Selected for Yerevan International Film Festival of Golden Apricot, Armenia, 2007

Symphony of Iran
7. Under Production: Symphony of Iran, 2008

Reza Attaran (Actor)
Reza Attaran is now one of the most famous comedians of Iran. Up to two decades ago, he only appeared in local plays in Khorasan province (northeast Iran). When in Tehran, he joined a TV comedy group in 1993 which produced entertaining programs for the new year holidays. [More]

Taraneh Taraneh Alidousti (Actress)
She was proposed by Habib Rezaei (actor) to play the leading role of I, Taraneh, Am 15 (Rasoul Sadr Ameli) ten years ago and her acting was powerful enough to earn her the best actress prize from that year’s edition of Fajr International Film Festival. She then appeared in three films made by Asghar Farhadi, including in About Elli where she was cast as Elli, the most mysterious character of the film. Alidousti has also appeared in stage plays and was a choice of Mehrjui for his new play. [More]

Negar Javaheriyan (Actress)
She has been undoubtedly the most successful actress of Iran during the past two years. Her success began with "We Only Live Twice" (Behnam Behzadi) and her role in Homayoun As’adian’s "Gold and Copper" brought her the best actress prize of Fajr International Film Festival. [More]

Last Added:
  1. Reza Attaran
  2. Taraneh Taraneh Alidousti
  3. Negar Javaheriyan
  4. Alireza Zarrindast
  5. Reza Karam-Rezaei
  6. Bahram Baizai
  7. Vahid Mousaian
  8. Mohammad Aladpoush
  9. Mohammad Reza Golzar
  10. Mehran Rajabi
  11. Bahman Qobadi
  12. Mohsen Makhmalbaf
  13. Kambozia Partovi
  14. Merila Zare’i
  15. Hamid Farrokhnejad

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