Hamid Farrokhnejad (Actor)

The famous actor of different Iranian films first appeared in The Bride of the Fire (1999) and in addition to winning prizes from Iranian festivals, he has won the best actor’ prize of Karlovy Vary. He made his first feature film, Red Journey, some seven years ago on Iran-Iraq War, but due to its outspoken tone, it was never screened in Iran. After that failure, he just appeared in various films as an actor and proved his talent. He is one of the most favorite actors of major Iranian filmmakers. After Khosrow Sinai, Ebrahim Hatami-kia has cast him in his films. He appeared in The Low Heights (2002), which was inspired by true story of a poor man called Khaled Hardani, who tried to hijack a plane along with his family about 8 years ago. He was apprehended and finally released from prison three months ago due to emotional effect of that film. Farrokhnejad then appeared in Colored in Purple (2004), but the film ended up like the Red Journey. Although Hatami-kia is supported by political officials, the film has not been publicly screened many years after its production. The third instance of cooperation between Hatami-kia and Farrokhnejad was a television series called, The Green Ring, which was aired on the Iranian television. Here, Farrokhnejad appears as a wandering ghost of a man who is comatose due to brain death. The ghost is only seen by a female doctor and their continued contentions and conversation leads to development of an emotional relationship. If the man’s heart is transplanted into another man’s body, the ghost will not exist anymore.

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