Dubbing Day

  Dubbing is an important component of the Iranian cinema. Since many decades ago, foreign films were dubbed into Persian and moviegoers were very painstaking about quality of dubbing. Perhaps, this is why dubbing is more prosperous in Iran than other countries. Since mid-1980s when on-the-set sound recording became vogue, few films were dubbed for movie theaters, but foreign films are still dubbed before presented in video clubs on CDs or DVDs. The state television also dubs foreign films and series and there is a special unit for dubbing films in television where most experienced dubbing artists are working. Although dubbing quality is not as creditable it was before the revolution, but famous dubbing artists are still popular. A recent ceremony was held to pay tribute to some of them in which some experts discussed dubbed films and introduced best dubbing works. In addition to quality of translation, judges also paid attention to how the dubbing artist’s voice fit the real actor and people’s opinion about their work. The winners were then introduced by Abolhassan Tahaminejad, one of the most experienced Iranian dubbing artists, translators and dubbing director of Iran and got their prizes.

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