• Without Farewell…

    Ahmad Amini is a graduate of film directing from Tehran’s Art University who started his career in films by writing critiques. He made his first feature, Shadows of Invasion, in 1992 which was a Western-style movie about the war between Iran and Iraq. His credit was established after making four features. Without Farewell…is his fifth feature which he has directed after an eight-year interregnum. It is about personal life of a famous Iranian pop star, Reza Sadeqi. Sadeqi, who is paraplegic due to an oversight by his doctor in childhood has now chosen black shirt as his trademark and has many fans. Many Iranian producers have been planning to make a film on his personal life since many years ago. Mohammad Neshat was one of them who has been trying to get Sadeqi’s consent since two years ago. The film was first to be made by Kioumars Pourahmad (who had indicated his willingness to make a film about Iranian singers), but he was later replaced with Amini.

  • The Orange Suit

    Veteran filmmaker, Dariush Mehrjui started to film his latest movie in October 2011 while his previous movie Beloved Sky has not been screened yet. The story of The Orange Suit is about a photographer who tries to purify his soul by keeping clean the city in which he lives. The color orange in the title of this film alludes to the color of the city cleaners’ outfit. Mehrjui has written the screenplay of this film in collaboration with his wife Vahideh Mohammadifar who has also worked on the screenplays of Mehrjui’s other recent films. The main character is played by Hamed Behdad in his first experience of working with Mehrjui.

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