Burden of Being

Amir Qavidel is an experienced director of the Iranian cinema who has also worked for as assistant to Samuel Khachikian for many years. His films have inspired famous directors who followed him like Massoud Kimiaei. Qavidel made many films after the revolution. He was also assistant to Khachikian in his last works. There are melodramas and horror movies on his track record which are of medium quality. Burden of Being is his latest film in horror genre and is about a girl who tries unconventional means to overcome her problems. His last film was made eight years ago. In the meantime, he was supposed to direct another film, but a serious accident caused him to be replaced by another director. Qavidel has noted that he made Burden of Being to pay tribute to his mentor, Khachikian who has made early horror movies of the Iranian cinema. After making a number of telefilms and series, it was time for him to go back to cinema. In Burden of Being, he tells the story of a house which is haunted by ghosts and invisible creatures that have established a friendly relationship its dwellers. Therefore, horror stems not from those creatures, but from imagination of characters. Crewmembers include Sirous Ranjbar (screenwriter), Reza Mohajer (director of photography), Sheiban Khaqani (editor), Fardin Khalatbari (composer), Houshang Ja'fari (sound recordist), Hossein Salehiyan (makeup artist) and Jalal Qezal-Ayaq (producer). Iraj Nozari, Sara Khoeiniha, Nasser Mamdouh, Nima Gerami, Mohammad Barsouziyan, and Leila Boushehri are main actors and actresses.

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