The Postman Doesn't Knock Three Times

Hassan Fathi is a director whose television series have been generally successful, though his single feature film, Marriage, Iranian Style (2004) was not remarkable though it was an office box hit. On the opposite, television series directed by him have been among the most successful series of past years including Brighter than Darkness (about the life and works of Molla Sadra, the great Iranian mystic and philosopher), The Tenth Night (about passion play and mourning ceremony among Iranians), The Zero Degree Circle (about contemporary history of Iran), and The forbidden Fruit. His second feature film, unlike his first, is about his favorite subject, history. The Postman Doesn't Knock Three Times features famous actors like Baran Kowsari, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Ali Nassirian, Roya Teimurian, Pantea Bahram, Amir Ja'fari, and Leila Zare’. The three-episode movie will review a juncture of contemporary history of Iran. The three episodes are non-linear narratives about Iranian culture and history and characters represent specific periods of Iran’s history. Crewmembers include Amir Karimi (director of photography), Mahmoud Sammak-bashi (sound recordist), and Saeed Malekan (makeup designer). The Postman Doesn't Knock Three Times has been shot at a three-story building. Present-time events are going on in the first story, while the second story shows what has happened 40 years ago, and the third story depicts the events of Constitutional Revolution.

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