• 26th International Fajr Film Festival

    The 26th Fajr International Film Festival contains several different sections with Iranian and non-Iranian films. In the section dedicated to Iranian Cinema Competition, many new Iranian films, including the latest works by Bahman Farmanara, Majid Majidi, Kamal Tabrizi, Reza Mirkarimi, Ebrahim Forouzesh, Mohammad-Reza Aslani and many others will be screened and judged by the jury. The festival contains some other competitive sections as well: International Competition, including some well-known names and titles such as Tony Gilroy Michael Clayton, Nikita Mikhalkov 12, Aleksandr Sokurov Alexandr, Brian De Palma's Redacted, etc.;

  • Death of a Lover

    Dying three days after his 60th birthday, he was among the most influential figures of the Iranian cinema. Nour started his career in cinema when he was 20. If educated young movies buffs are more interested in directing or appearing in movies, Nour was more willing to be a producer from the beginning. At an age of 20, he was a co-producer of a film. Since he was not a professional and looked at cinema from an idealistic and romantic viewpoint, Foad came to realize through his first experience that how ruthless cinema could be.

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