Death of a Lover

Dying three days after his 60th birthday, he was among the most influential figures of the Iranian cinema. Nour started his career in cinema when he was 20. If educated young movies buffs are more interested in directing or appearing in movies, Nour was more willing to be a producer from the beginning. At an age of 20, he was a co-producer of a film. Since he was not a professional and looked at cinema from an idealistic and romantic viewpoint, Foad came to realize through his first experience that how ruthless cinema could be. After experiencing big problems, he returned to cinema a few years later. He went broke after his first few films and it took many years for him to make up for his financial woes. After the revolution, he made a successful comeback. His production of Specter of the Scorpion (1986) paved the way for one of the big directors of later years. Kiyanoush Ayyari is currently one of the most prominent Iranian filmmakers. His first film was made on the basis of a theme which few producers were willing to invest in. Therefore, Foad Nour became famous as a reputable producer who supported cultural films. He also cooperated with other prominent directors like Kioumars Pourahmad, Bahram Reipour, and Sirous Alvand. However, his cinema activities were not limited to film production. He was one of the highest ranking advisors of state authorities after the revolution and was also an executive manager of the Iranian cinema. When films were rated for public screening, he was a member of the assessment council. He was also the owner of one of the oldest theaters of Tehran, which was called Cinema Farrokh and was spokesman of the Association of Theater Owners for many years. The most important point about him is his immense love for cinema which sometimes made him ignore his health. Up to the last hours of his life, he pursued film activities despite the fact that he was severely ill.

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