A Cube of Sugar (2011)


A Cube of Sugar
A Film by Reza Mirkarimi

Reza Mirkarimi and Asghar Farhadi are two newsmakers among the new generation of the Iranian directors. Mirkarimi has, thus far, made five films three of which, Under the Moonlight; So Far, So Close; and As Simple as This, have been the best films of their screening year. Following As Simple as This, he was busy on a project, which is based on a tale from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (a classic book of Iranian epic poems), that was supposed to be shot in Iran and India. The project was later stopped and he started making his new film, A Cube of Sugar. It is about an extended family coming together as the youngest girl is being married. Negar Javaherian plays the part of the young girl. She won the best actress prize of last year’s Fajr International Film Festival for his part in Gold and Copper. Mirkarimi has chosen a mixed cast from stage and cinema actors for his new film, including Saeed Poursamimi, Reza Kianian, Asghar Hemmat, Parivash Nazariyeh, Hedayat Hashemi, Shamsi Fazlollahi, Rima Raminfar, Pouneh Abdolkarimzadeh, and Amir Hossein Arman. The story goes on at a traditional house and they spent a lot of time to find such a house. Then they decided to build a house to match the director’s specifications. They chose a plot of land and built a house based on a blueprint provided by production manager, Mohsen Shah-Ebrahimi. A Cube of Sugar, unlike Mirkarimi’s past films, has a crowded cast and a lot of time has been spent on production, rehearsal, and preparation of actors. The cast manager, Afshin Hashemi, had traveled to many cities to record local dialects and help actors to adapt to those dialects. Characters in A Cube of Sugar are almost equally important and none of them is more important than others. The draft plot has been prepared by Mirkarimi in cooperation with Shadmehr Rastin, who had already helped Mirkarimi with the screenplay of his acclaimed film, As Simple as This. He is among famous screenwriters of Iran.

Crewmembers include Mohammad Reza Gohari and Reza Mirkarimi (screenwriters), Hamid Khozouei Abyaneh (director of photograph), Bahman Ardalan (sound recordist), Mohsen Shah-Ebrahimi (art designer), Abdollah Eskandari (makeup), Mohsen Qaraei (assistant director and planner), and Baran kowari (continuity person).

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