"Kissing the Face of the Moon"

Homayoun As’adian made Gold and Cooper last year which drew a lot of critical acclaim. The idea for this eighth film has come from producer of Gold and Cooper, Manouchehr Mohammadian. This is the third film by As’adian after Gold and Cooper and Ten-Digits which is produced by Manouchehr Mohammadi. Production of Kissing the Face of the Moon started in early April and continued for 45 sessions. The screenplay has been written by As’adian. Unlike his past works which were about young people, the new film focuses on two old women who are neighbors and who have been waiting for 20 years for their sons to come back from the warfronts. There are two main locations: one is the house where the two old women live and the other one is an administrative bureau. As’adian usually makes comedies (such as The Joke, Ten-Digits and Sunny Man). However, after making Street Kids (2003) about addiction, he proved his skills in other areas. Gold and Copper was about a young cleric whose wife is ill with multiple sclerosis. As’adian did great in dramatizing the young cleric’s life. The success of Gold and Copper has drawn attention to his new work. He says, “I have tried to show internal feelings of human beings by depicting their ideas, wishes and everyday conduct and keep the focus of my film on the two old mothers’ life.” Kissing the Face of the Moon casts Shirin Yazdanbakhsh (who has also appeared in Please Don’t Disturb and Nader and Simin: A Separation) and Rabe’e Madani. Other crewmembers include Hossein Ja’farian (director of photography), Sasan Nakhaei (sound recordist), Marjan Golzar (production designer), Mehrdad Mirkiani (makeup), and Mehdi Delkhasteh (still photographer).

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