Forty Years Old

Alireza Raeisian is an experienced Iranian director who has been heading Directors Society of House of Cinema for many years and has not have enough time to make many films. In a recent debate between the Society and Farabi Cinema Foundation, the Society’s board of directors and Alireza Raeisian played an important role. After many years, however, Raeisian has decided to make a new film on the adaptation of an Iranian novel by Nahid Tabatabaei, Forty Years Old. It is about a woman who is caught in a new love affair on the threshold of her forties in order to cheer up her boring life. Leila Hatami has posed as the woman. She won the best actress prize of last year’s Fajr Festival. Other actors and actresses include Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Ezzatollah Entezami, Soheila Golestani, and Farzan At'hari. Explaining about his new film, Raeisian has preferred to talk about an old Iranian tale in which a king falls in love with a young girl and takes her to his palace. The girl falls sick and none of the physicians visiting her on the king’s order can do anything. Then the king prays to God and meets an old man in his dream. Crewmembers include Mostafa Rastegari (screenwriter), Mahmoud Kalari (director of photography), Nezameddin Kiyaei (sound recordist), Iraj Raminfar (production designer), Abdollah Eskandari (makeup artist), and Kristof Reza’ei (composer). The important point about the film is presence of a seasoned crew whose members are seldom seen together in the same film.

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