The Third Wave

Arash Sajjadi Hosseini, director of The Third Wave has announced that it is a surrealistic film which does not allow viewers to easily differentiate between real and unreal scenes. Making such films has been always a problem in the Iranian cinema with the most important problem being lack of suitable screenplays as well as technical facilities to construct imaginary and dream scenes in a believable manner. Travelers, the prominent work of Bahram Baizai, is one of the best films with signs of top surrealistic films of world cinema in it. The Third Wave is based on two parallel stories belonging to two periods of the Iranian history. The film starts in present time and flashes back to early days after victory of the revolution. The departure point is fate of a girl who suddenly feels that the name of the alley where she lives brings a new image to her mind. Arash Sajjadi Hosseini, the director, is nephew of Ali Sajjadi Hosseini, the Iranian war genre director, who died more than a decade ago, through an accidental explosion in one of his films. The young director has already appeared in a number of television series as actor, which have not been aired yet. The Third Wave has been made on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. As put by its director, the film focuses on concerns of the first and third post-revolution generations of Iran. Crewmembers include Amir Abbas Payam (screenwriter), Alireza Zarrindast (director of photography), Kiyanoush Ayyari (assistant director), Amir Reza Ebrahimzadeh (sound recordist), Mehrdad Mirkiani (makeup artist), Babak Panahi (production designer), Arash Moayyerian and Mehdi Mehrnia (editors), and Mehdi Gourangi (composer). Mehrdad Sediqiyan, Shayesteh Irani, Lida Abbasi, Qorban Najafi, Setareh Pesiani, Mahmoud Rasekhfar, and Hamed Behdad have appeared in the main roles.

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