3rd Police Film Festival

Out of different annual festivals in Iran, Police Film Festival has been both sensational and attracted large audience in recent years due to correct strategy of its organizers. The festival aims to appreciate worthwhile police films aimed at reducing social maladies. This year, 49 features, 154 documentaries and 74 telefilms were present in the festival. Alireza Sajjadpour, who manages this festival, is a screenwriter and producer of the Iranian cinema and television and is close to president in cultural affairs. Before taking charge of this festival, he was manager of one of the best cultural complexes in Tehran. Davoud Rashidi and Ezzatollah Entezami, two seasoned Iranian actors, addressed the festival and talked about its important impact. Entezami was also appreciated for his role in the Night (Rasoul Sadr Ameli). Abolhassan Davoudi, director of The Crossing, won the best directing award and noted that he has been expecting the award since two years ago. Alireza Khamseh, the Iranian comedian, presented the ceremony. Also, a written message by President Ahmadinejad on the importance of police festival was read out by one of his advisors. Sajjadpour in his address pointed to the interest of festival’s policymakers in social cinema and announced that films about police are not necessarily original police movies and every film focusing on social maladies can take part in this festival. A number of senior police commanders also addressed the ceremony. Finally, Mainline (Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Mohsen Abdolvahhab) was chosen as the best film and Maziyar Miri’s Gradually won the best screenplay award. Abolhassan Davoudi and Ezzatollah Entezami were respectively chosen as the best director and actor while prizes were also handed out to the best short films, documentaries and videos.

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