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During the past decade, two state bodies have consistently supported production of short, documentary and experimental films. Documentary and experimental works are generally supported by Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) while Iranian Young Cinema Society (IYCS) usually supports short films. The first group of films is screened in Cinema Verite Festival while short films are screened and judged in a separate festival which is sponsored by the Iranian Young Cinema Society. The society has introduced many talents to the Iranian cinema, the most prominent of whom was Bahman Qobadi. It has many branches in different cities of Iran where professional principles of cinema are taught and productions which are, in fact, graduates’ theses are supported. Some of those works which are of higher quality are sent to central office of the Society in Tehran for screening in Tehran International Short Film Festival. The number of festival’s editions shows that it is an established event which has been able to turn short films into a serious and effective current in the Iranian cinema. However, recent policies adopted by its organizers have elicited critical remarks. A major criticism was related to redundant formalities. Some fear that having 17 different competitive and noncompetitive sections in this year’s six-day festival may prevent attention to young Iranian talents. Critics were also concerned that high costs of the festival will stymie its dynamism in coming years. At present, Nasser Bakideh, head of Iranian Young Cinema Society is also in charge of the festival. During closing ceremony of the 25th edition of the festival the following prizes were handed out:
- Best short film: Blue Tooth (Houman Seyedi)
- Best documentary: The Fenceless Square (Mehrdad Zahediyan)
- Best animation: Loneliness (Mehrdad Sheikhan)
- Best cinematography: Mani Mirsadeqi
- Best editing: Mehdi Asadi
- Best sound recordist: Behrouz Shahamat
- Best screenplay: Reza Jamali
- Best director: Aida Panahandeh.
Selected works of the international competition section included:
- Best documentary: Old Man Peter (Ivan Golovnev)
- Best experimental: Wild Dove (Kolod Almandoz)
- Best animation: Tongue of Hidden (David Alexander Anderson).

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