Kiarostami and Opera

At first, it looked incredible, but it was true. Kiarostami is now engaged in opera, or in better words, opera has engaged him! Before him, a number of famous filmmakers had been active in that field, but opera was part of their cultural characteristics. Kiarostami is planning to premiere Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutta opera in Aix-en-Provence musical festival of France from June 4 to June 19, 2008. Kiarostami has told AFP that he would be very active in his new experience. He has noted that when the idea was first proposed to him, he rejected it, but he has changed his mind since then. “Now that I have changed my mind, I think that performing an opera should not be more difficult than making a film. There are many limitations in opera, but not so serious as to prevent my work.” 
Christophe Rousset, the French conductor of Baroque Orchestra, will direct the musical opera which will be produced in cooperation with English National Opera. The opera will premiere in France before its performance in England.

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