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News: Crisis in Directors Society/ Vittorio Storaro in Iran/ Ben-Hur Revisited/ Rescreening old memorable films/ Special Plans: Watching Soccer Matches at Theate/ Ethnic and Guild-related Protests to Films and Series/ 24th Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults/ The Policy to Increase Film Production in Iran/ 24 and Prison Break in Iran

New Products: Paternal House/ End of the 8th Street/ Nader’s Separation form Simin/ Narrative/ My Cause/ Soil and Fire/ Alzheimer’s/ Laughing in the Rain/ Sa’adatabad/ A Sugar Lump/ Bitter Coffee

Faces: Amir Ja’fari/Pantea Bahram/ Parsa Pirouzfar/ Mahmoud Kalari/ Dariush Mehrjui/ Peiman Qasemkhani/ Taraneh Alidousti/ Adel Ferdowsipour

Deceased: Mohammad Nouri (1929-2010)/ Mahin Shahabi (1936-2010)/ Reza Khandan (1953-2010)/ Manouchehr Haqqaniparast (1951-2010)

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